Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why create TvZone ?

I create TvZone to make it easy for Canadians to find the tv series or the movies they want to watch without all of the hassle for free and legally.

2. Is TvZone legal?

Absolutely. TvZone we simply inform the public where they can watch all their favorite shows. We do not stream or broadcast any television programming ourselves. We simply make it easier for you to find all your favorite shows without having to go to so many different websites yourself. We do all the research of the best Canadian programs available and bring it to you all in one place. We choose only channel who have the right to broadcast the episode of your favorite tv show.

3. How come I can’t find a particular show?

Not all shows are available in Canada. For example, most NBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX shows are not available to residents outside of the United States. We will only direct you to websites that are legally streaming their own content for Canadians.

4. I am looking for a particular episode of a show but don’t see it, How can I find it?

Many of the channels only make available the most recent episodes of their shows. These are known as “catch up” videos. So in case you miss your favorite show on TV it is available for you to watch online for a certain length of time (usually a week or two). Unfortunately, we cannot control the episodes that the networks decide to make available.

5. Why should I use TvZone?

TvZone makes it easy for you to find your favorite shows online. By coming to TvZone it makes it easy for you to go from one show to another all from the same website. TvZone saves you time by putting all your favorite shows all in one place. And TvZone is so extensive we are sure there are many programs and channels online that you were not even aware of. Best of all Tvzone is free and hassle free.

6. Why should I use register to TvZone ?

When you’re register, you gain the privilege to comments tv series and movies, to add your tv series in the favorites and follow the update, report errors, watch the beta movies section and much more coming soon.

7. I have some problem to watch videos or nothing happen when i click on a link ?

I recommend to disable the popup blocker and AdBlock plus for TvZone. Don’t forget to update your flashplayer to watch the videos.